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BCCode Error 1000008e

If you find a BCCode error window on your computer it means that your computer thinks that you have developed a serious problem!

What BCCode stands for is ‘Bug Check Code’ and usually appears after your comptuter shuts down automatically because of an error. The scariest part of the error is the (dreaded) ‘Blue Sceen of Death’ that is often times associated with it.

Unfortunately these things can happen at a moments notice and unexpectedly while using your computer.

It doesn’t matter what you are doing at any particulat time, the BCCode can pop in at any time and it will automatically shutdown you computer, without any notice.

More About BCCode Error 1000008e

The BCCode Error 1000008e noitfies you that your computer thinks that a “critical error” has happened within your computer and it therefore need to close down to protect the rest of the system.

The biggest battle you have to face with Windows powered computer problems is that the message itself isn’t going to tell you a heck of a lot, if anything at all, about the problem.

There are a couple of reason in which this could be.

The first one is that the error message you are getting is completely incorrect.

An example of this is if your computer encounters a small problem while shutting down, it may attempt to continue restarting itself so that it can tell you that there was a serious problem encountered while shutting down.

There could have been several different problems that all happened at once and because of this your computer has decided to group them all together into one big problem.

Another reason, is your computer may not tell you everything that you already know. They may be telling you that you are having a problem with your computer, but theis may already be obvious to you because of the continual shutting down and restarting.

The BCCode Error 1000008e fits perfectly into this last category.

Operating System Problems

Something that is not uncommon for it to tell you, is that your computer has possibly generated some type of exception, and that has happened within that operating system.

If you want to find out what it is all about, you need to identify it and isolate what exception was generated.

Basically this error is a message that will let you know that there has been a serious problem with your computer and it felt that it was necessary to shut the computer down. The thing is it doesn’t even let you know what this serious problem is!

Solving BCCode 1000008e

When the message comes up on the BSOD there are a couple different problems that could be behind it:

1. There may not be enough disk space.

2. Is the driver detected in Stop? Maybe disable it?

3. Try changig video adaptors.

4. Check BIOs updates. Disable BIOs options

These are the four best places for you to start the search for your solution.

These things may also let you know if there is some sort of incompatibility problems with your computer.

Such problems could be the primary suspect when you encounter BCCode Error 1000008e problems.

These indicators would also suggest that there may be some incompatibility problems within your machine.

The thing that you should first consider is if you have installed any new hardware into your computer. If you have then this definitely is the first place that you should start your search.

Are you sure that your computer has enough disk space to handle all of the programs that you were trying to use when your computer shut down?

If you can identify a component driver in the error message you could try disabling it and checking the manufacturers website to see if you can obtain and new driver updates.

Other 1000008e Solutions

You could also try changing video adapters and checking with your computer manufacturer for any other updates that could be available to you. You could also tey to disable the BIOs momort so that you can protect and conserve memory space.

If none of these are working for you then you could attempt some other standard operating system checks, like antivirus and anti-spyware scans. Even though it is very unlikely for these to be the problem, it will remove the few possibilities from your list of possible causes.

If you have software on your computer that will automatically go through your computer and fix your registry for you, it may be able to isolate your problem.

Even though the BCCode Error 1000008e is most commonly telling of a hardware incompatibility problem, it is possible that there could be something wrong with your registy ecacerbating it.

I suggest that you do a check up with some software and use that information received to fix your registry.

If you don’t have any software installed then I would recommend to you that you use a free program such as RegCure. This will help you to establish if the registry on your computer has serious problems

Once you obtains some information from your free scan, you can decide on what the next step is to fix the problem you found.

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Updated: April 24, 2014

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